Meet Our Team

Sherry Small brings rich experience with Indigenous communities. Sherry’s extensive work history has allowed her to work with all levels of government — federal, provincial and first nations. Her particular strength is working effectively with all agencies. Sherry has 30-plus years of direct experience in intercultural education and community development, and sees strengthening the spirit within as a way of supporting community healing on intergenerational levels. She empowers individuals by sharing tools to influence change, and uses education and culture as tools for true transformation.

Etovre Vese brings 20-plus years of experience as an early childhood educator working with children and families. As an instructor at Native Education College and Burnaby CCE, Etovre instructs future educators in both the Basic and Post-Basic ECE programs and has for the past 8 years. Etovre has worked in several roles over the course of her career in ECE as an Educator, ECE Program Coordinator in a post secondary institution, Union Bargaining Representative, and an ECE Instructor to name a few. This diversity of experiences has been a gift and benefit in developing an open and curious attitude working with both children and adults in early childhood education. Etovre holds a Bachelor of Arts in social science, and is in the final year of her Masters in Early Childhood Education.

Iain Marjoribanks is a settler of Scottish and German ancestry. Prior to his role at MVAEC, Iain assisted a roundtable of Vancouver’s Indigenous-led ELCC programs, and helped to implement the federal Indigenous Early Learning and Childcare Framework with First Nations across BC. Iain also recently completed a Master’s Degree in Indigenous Community Planning and has had the honor of working as a planner in service to Indigenous communities across the province.

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